Tommy and the Magical Words

Tommy and the Magical Words 1.11

Tommy and the Magical Words is a word puzzle for kids
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Tommy and the Magical Words is a word puzzle for kids.
You will play as Tommy, a young wizard who lives with his uncle Artem in a magical pet shop. One day, Tommy arrived at the pet shop with a book the teacher gave him at school to study, because he got an F on that matter. He accidentally falls on his uncle, who casts a spell, trapping Tommy in the book, along with many fantastic creatures, till he manages to play with words, mastering the subject that he is supposed to study.

You must help Tommy to build words with the available letters that will appear on the screen, in order to build bridges to reach the different islands. Some islands will have animals that must be freed, giving Tommy some advantages, as the animal´s information or new magical keys. Some of the islands will have other word minigames, that Tommy must solve in order to get more points, and acquire more advantages. Sometimes you will have the option to form words on coins. The letters on those coins will give you extra points.

The trial version of this game will let you play, for free, for sixty minutes.

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